Film and Slide Presentations


The films and slides are a major part of the course. I select films to emphasis important ideas in the course, and to graphically illustrate the nature of archaeological sites and  artifacts. You should be taking notes during these presentations just as if they were a lecture. They are just as important.


Before the film I will introduce the main themes and ideas I want you to look for in the film.  During the film, I will often put notes on the chalkboard to emphasize the main ideas, and to identify the important examples.


Again, if you need a correct spelling for a site name, or to clarify some point that is confusing, please ask. If I draw a map on the board, it should go into your notes. It is important to learn where archaeological sites are located. It is a major goal of anthropology to understand the similarities and differences in social behavior around the world.


If you miss a film, you should visit me during office hours to schedule a make-up viewing. You should expect that questions about the films will be on the exams.