Short Reports Exams and Extra Credit

Three exams will be given during the term.  The third exam is not a cumulative exam:  it covers the final third of the semester.  There will be a mix of true-false, multiple choice, matching and identification short answer questions.
Each exam will be worth 100 points, and will be given an equal weight in calculating your final course grade.
You must bring several sharpened No. 2 pencils to each exam.


Each extra credit report is worth 1 point.  There are 26 lectures over the course of the semester, and so there are 26 possible extra credit points.  One extra credit point is not really worth very much, but 26 points is nearly a full letter grade.
I will add the total number of extra credit points to the total points for all three exams.



There are 300 points possible:  each of the three exams is worth 100 points
Any student with more than 270 total points will receive an A.
Any student with 241 to 270 points will receive a B.
Any student with 211 to 240 points will receive a C.
Any student with 181 to 210 points will receive a D.
Any student with less than 180 total points will receive an F.