Office Hours

Tuesday 9:30 10:30 Powdermaker 313B

Thursday 9:30 10:30 Powdermaker 313B

and by appointment



Office hours are your opportunity to drop by for a chat about any aspect of the course. These are the hours that I set aside every week to talk with you about the lectures, readings, films and exams.  You have priority during these hours.  I will not go to the library.  I will not schedule committee meetings.  I will not work in my lab.  This is the time I have set aside for you, your questions, and your problems.  If you cannot make it to my regularly scheduled office hours, then meet with me immediately after class to schedule a time that we can both meet.

Did you miss a lecture because you were ill? Drop by for a review of the lecture. Is there some part of a reading assignment that doesn't seem to make sense?  Again, drop in for a few minutes to talk it over. Upset about the grade on the exam and want to know why you only got an A-? I'll be in my office in any case, so you won't be bothering me when you drop by.

Take care of questions and problems quickly.  There are many problems that are easy to solve early in the semester.  Those same problems can become nearly impossible to solve if you wait six weeks until it is almost the end of the semester.  By the way, I hate surprises -- if you miss study guides, are absent for a film, or need to schedule a make-up exam, let me know.

Do not wait until the last week of the semester!  It may be too late for you to help yourself.