Reading Schedule

  I have done my best to organize the lectures and readings so that they compliment one another. If you follow the schedule, the readings will make a lot more sense than if you wait until the night before the quiz or exam.

 The topic title will link you to the study guide and to supplemental material.

Th 31 Aug Antiquarianism and Archaeology    
T    5 Sept Environment, society, belief  Klein, Chap 1


Th  7 Sept What is Archaeology?  Klein, Chap 2  
T   12 Sept Evolutionary Perspectives  Klein, Chap 3   
Th 14 Sept Quadruped to Biped  Klein, Chap 4  
T  19 Sept Hunter or Scavenger?  Klein, Chap 5  
Th  21 Sept

Reconstructing Environments

Hominids out of Africa

 Klein, Chap 6  
T   26 Sept Archaic Homo sapiens  Klein, Chap 7  
Th  28 Sept

The Emergence of Language

The origins of ritual

 Klein, Chap 8  
T     3 Oct

Follow Monday Schedule

Th    5 Oct  First Exam    Bring #2 Pencils
T    10 Oct  Dark Caves  Diamond, Chap 2  
Th  12  Oct  Rituals  Diamond, Chap 3  
T    17 Oct  Early Farming  Diamond, Chap 8  
Th  19 Oct  Village Life  Diamond, Chap 9  
T    24 Oct  Cultural Landscapes  Diamond, Chap 6  
Th  26 Oct  Rituals of Power  Diamond, Chap 7  
T    31 Oct  Chiefdoms  Diamond, Chap 14  Masters of Metal
Th    2  Nov  Moundbuilders  Diamond, Chap 9  
T      7 Nov  Second Exam    Bring #2 Pencils
Th    9 Nov  Civilization  Diamond, Chap 10  
T    14 Nov   Egyptian Kings  Diamond, Chap 12  
Th  16 Nov  Maya Kingdoms  Diamond, Chap 13 The Mysterious Maya
T    21 Nov  Empire  Diamond, Chap 14  
Th  23 Nov     Thanksgiving
T   28 Dec  Historic Archaeology  Deetz, Chap 1-2  Black Arms, White Rice
Th 30 Dec The Medieval World  Deetz, Chap 3-4  
T    5 Dec The Beginning of the Modern  Deetz, Chap 5-6   
Th   7 Dec The Archaeology of Queens  Deetz, Chap 7-8  
T  12 Dec People without History    
T 19 Dec  Third Exam

 11:00- 1:00

 KY 150