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Interests: Courses Taught:
  • Archaeology
  • Formative Ecuador
  • Ceramic Analysis
  • Amazonian Prehistory
  • Public Archaeology
  • Tropical Forest Ecology
  • Introduction to Archaeology (103)
  • Essentials of Archaeology (240)
  • Archaeology of South America (245)
  • Ancient Civilizations (290W)
  • Representing the Past in
          Popular Media (290W) Syllabus

  •   Field Research:       

                 My research focuses on the prehistoric development of central places in the Upano Valley, southeastern Ecuador. Progressive deforestation in Morona Santiago province has revealed numerous and extensive prehistoric sites. Many of these sites are located on or adjacent to the wide bluff tops flanking the steep canyons of the Río Upano and some of its major tributaries. These mound complexes, which are most reliably dated to the Regional Development Period (c. 500 BC-AD 500), apparently represent built environments of long-lasting regional significance.
                 Whether such sites were ever the actual foci of enduring nucleated human settlement and/or served as stages for activities connected with situational, episodic, or periodic aggregation has not yet been specifically determined beyond a reasonable doubt. In either case, careful reading of the accumulated material evidence recovered during recent investigations focused on Huapula, Yaunchu, and other sites in the upper and middle Upano valley indicates that they almost surely functioned as central places of a type incommensurable with any explanatory model postulating universal, environmentally determined limitations on what was accomplished by pre-contact peoples occupying the equatorial forests of northern South America.

    Selected Publications:  

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  • Arthur Rostoker  

    Ph. D. CUNY 2005