D. Michael Steffy


Powdermaker Hall 314I

(D.Ed. Pennsylvania St 1979)


(718) 997-5512

Higher Ed Asst.


(718) 997-2885





Dr. D. Michael Steffy, an integral member of our departmental community for thirty years, died unexpectedly on December 26, 2009. Throughout his long career at Queens College, Mike worked tirelessly behind the scenes to provide media services and other technical support for the Anthropology teaching faculty and instructional staff. In addition, he offered multiple sections of his own classes nearly every semester, as well as on weekends, during the winter break, and in the summer sessions, for which he served for many years as coordinator. He will be sorely missed.

Courses Taught:

Intro to Cultural Anthropology (101)

Essentials of Practical Cultural Study (235)

Anthropology of Cross-cultural Teaching (307)

Syllabus Anthropology 101 – Spring 2006