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Dr. Miki Makihara

Dr. Michael Newman

Student Projects

Emily Wiegers, "Franšais Role Play: Parallels of French Language Acquisition and Cultural Mimicry"

This paper examines the way in which American college students combine their acquisition of the French language along with body gestures of the head and hands identified as “French”.... (read more)
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Jeremiah Werner, "Pragmatics and Iconicity in Commerce: Starbucks Lingo and Its Significance"

This paper seeks to explicate the parallel nature of Starbucks lingo with natural language and the implications of the commercialization and commodification of language as a means of efficiency and branding....(read more)
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John Valente, "House Music All Night Long"

The origins of house music are actually quite interesting since there are a few instances for the start of it.....(read more)
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Jeff Tang, "Intuitions on the New York Dialect: Identifying the Voice of New York"

 Recent immigration has brought hundreds of languages to our city, but what happens to these languages and their speakers once they are here in New York? What effect do they have on the English spoken here? (read more)
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Jaspinderjit Singh, "The Desi Beat- The affiliation of South Asian Americans with popular Hip-Hop culture"

In the late 1970s Hip-Hop/ Rap were two musical genres that outburst into the lives of the Urban minority youth in the United States.... (read more)
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Jasleen Chandhoke and Tanya Simons, "'GUESS WHO?' Can People Really Tell the Difference Between Queens and Nassau Speech?"

In a dialect identification experiment, Queens College students were asked to make two judgments based on brief speech samples.... (read more)
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Brandon Shalim, "U MAD BRO: Study on the Discourse Community of Internet Meme Watchers/Creators"

This document is the research on the discourse community of internet memes.... (read more)
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Marlon Lackeyram, Can People Really Distinguish South Asians From Other Ethnicities Using Only Their Sense Of Hearing?

My study specifically focuses on dialect identification in New York.... (read more)
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Nicole King, "Americanization:  Accounts of 1st and 2nd generations from Guyana, Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago in Queens, NY"

This paper will discuss the importance of the West Indian Creole in Queens, New York.... (read more)
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Lawrence Gaier, "By golly, that hop is hip! An evaluation of the cohesive potential of Hip Hop"

In this essay, I explore several dimensions of Hip Hop culture. These include, but are not limited to, race, industry, and societal cohesion.....(read more)
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Lisa Fogelman, “A Qualitative Study of the Differences Between Italian-American and Greek-American English in New York City.”

This research paper is looking to see if there is a difference in the speech of Italian-Americans and Greek-Americans from a dialect identification task......(read more)
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Adrian Dominguez,  "Everyone’s A Critic: Discourse Analysis in Written and Oral Responses to James Cameron’s 'Avatar'”                                

The movie industry in the past ten years has made extraordinary revolutions in the cinematic world. What we thought wasn’t possible now brings astonishment to our eyes.... (read more)
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Emily December, "The Voices among the Masses: A Study of the Perceptions of English/Multilanguage Use and Acceptance"

This paper is to bring awareness to a nationwide as well as local political, social and linguistic issue.... (read more)
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Kenny Cheng-Fung and Shirley Arana, "Tu vs. Usted: How formal are you?"

In English there are many pronouns but only one that can refer to ‘you’, ‘you’ can be used with anyone, your mother, a colleague, student, this however is not the case on other languages.... (read more)
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Claire Beresford, Patterns of Divergence from the Classic New York City Short-a Split

A uniquely conditioned short-a split is one of the features that constitute the classic New York City dialect. .... (read more)
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Abigail Bellomo, "Vintage Slang: Discourse Markers 50 Years Ago"

This project accomplishes three tasks: what type of slang was used by a group of Italians, if there are words or phrases that are still used in “modern” slang, and lastly what are the attitudes toward “modern” slang by those who grew up through 1950 to 1960.... (read more)
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Astrid Avalos & Andrea Barranco, "Spanish Language Maintenance within Immigrant Families in Queens"

This study explores Spanish language maintenance in communities in Queens, New York. The study addresses the factors that influence Spanish language maintenance within families of mixed generations... (read more)
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Khealzaree Ahmedzay, "Speaking Pashto in NYC: Pashto Language Maintenance and Shift"

This is a research project that will look into the Pashto community from a sociolinguistic level... (read more)
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