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Queens College

I am associate professor in the Department of Linguistics and Communication Disorders of Queens College/CUNY.

I am also affiliated with the Doctoral Programs in Linguistics and in Speech and Hearing Sciences of the CUNY Graduate Center

I am an Associate of the Research Institute for the Study of Language in Urban Society, which is housed at the CUNY Graduate Center

I am currently on sabbatical moving between New York and Barcelona. I will return to teaching in September 2005.


Research Interests:

On-going Research

My current research is focused on two areas, both involving linguistic consequences of immigration, with a focus on adolescents. Why adolescents? Because it is at this life stage that linguistic patterns are set for life, and so passed on to the next generation. Besides, fieldwork with teens is just great fun! Click on the links for descriptions of my two on-going research projects.

New York Latino English

Language Choice of Immigrants to Barcelona

Finished Research

Literacy and Hip-Hop

Singular they and epicene pronouns

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