CUNY Council on Foreign Language Study

CUNY Foerign Language Faculty

Baruch BMCC
Bronx Brooklyn (Classic)
Brooklyn (ML) City College
Hostos Hunter (Classic)
Hunter (German) Hunter (Romance)
John Jay Kingsborough
LaGuardia Lehman
Medgar Evers NYC Tech
Queensborough Queens (Classic)
Queens (European) Queens (Hispanic)
Staten Island York
Grad Center (Classic) Grad Center (French)
Grad Center (Germanic) Grad Center (Hispanic)

The purpose of the
Council is to promote CUNY-wide
articulation among foreign language departments
and programs through the dissemination and exchange of
information; to discuss issues of interest to the CUNY language
instructional community; to further and enhance the study of modern and
classical languages and literatures at CUNY and make recommendations
for the improvement of same; to encourage faculty development;
and to act as the spokesperson for foreign languages
at CUNY vis-a-vis the Central Administration
and other organizations and