Department of Political Science, Queens College

John Bowman
Ph.D., University of Chicago

Phone: (718) 997-5490
Office: 200G Powdermaker Hall

John Bowman has been on the Queens College faculty since 1984.  His principal area of research is comparative political economy, with a focus on advanced industrial societies.  His research has covered the politics of business organization and labor relations in both the United States and Scandinavia.  In 1996 he was a guest researcher at the Institute for Social Research in Oslo, Norway.  His current research, in collaboration with Alyson Cole, focuses on the politics of the market for household services in contemporary welfare states.  He is also at work on a book comparing the economic institutions and social policies of the US, Germany, and Sweden. 

He is the author of Capitalist Collective Action: Competition, Cooperation, and Conflict in the Coal Industry (Cambridge University Press 1989, paperback edition 2006); and articles in several journals, including Politics & Society, Comparative Political Studies, and (with Alyson Cole) Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society.

At Queens, Professor Bowman regularly teaches Introduction to Political Science (PSCI 100); Current Political Controversies: How Democratic are US Elections (PSCI 102); The Politics of the Welfare State (PSCI 242), and Business and Politics.   At the CUNY Graduate Center, where he has been a faculty member since 1990, he teaches Comparative Political Economy.

Professor Bowman is a member of the Editorial Board of Politics & Society and has also served on the Editorial Committee of Comparative Politic.