Over the past five years we have been quite fortunate with support from the community. From the most modest amount and up, we have been able to do more than our regular budget would allow. For this, we are most appreciative of the people and associations listed below. They have continued to support us in various ways; in addition to their monetary largesse, many are also been frequent attendees at our many events. We are most grateful to all. An asterisk [*] signals multiple donations in the category.

For those of you, in turn, who would like to join our friends below, please send us an email ( or call us (212.642.2094). We shall be happy to hear from you. In the meantime, you can donate here; all contributions are tax-deductable.

Guarantor $20,000+
Elizabeth Fray

Dean’s Circle $10,000-$19,999
Italian Language Inter-Cultural Alliance (ILICA)
Sen. Serphin Maltese

Benefactor $5,000-$9,999
American Italian Historical Association*
Italian Language Inter-Cultural Alliance*
National Italian American Foundation (NIAF)
Provincia di Palermo
Rep. Ginny Fields
Rep. Joseph Lentol
Sen. Frank Padavan

Grantor $2,500-$4,999
Agnus Noster FDN*
Atlantic Philanthropies
National Italian American Foundation*

Patron $1,000-$2,499
Aldo Timballini
American Society of the Italian Legions of Merit*
Atlantic Philanthropies
National Italian American Foundation
Sen. Serphin Maltese

Sponsor $500-$999
Edward Agostini
American Italian Historical Association (AIHA)
Aileen Sirey
The Coccia Foundation
Maria Tamburri
National Organization of Italian American Women (NOIAW)

Friend $100-$499
Margaret Alessi
Judith Andriola
Virginia Andriola
Jean Artesi
Ann Astorina
Antoinette Astorina
Nicolina Astorina        
Louis Auricchio        
Giulia Axiotakis        
Theresa Barracca        
Frances Borsellino
Ms. Carla Caccamise Ash
Jo Ann Calandra
Anthony Calenda
Joan Callender    
Vincent Cardillo        
Charles Castrovinci    
Teresa Cerasuola        
Catherine Ciancio        
Thomas Colicino, Jr.        
Rosalie Contino        
Marie Coppola
Alice Cowen       
David D'Amato        
Patrick Dellamura        
Thomas DeLuca        
Claudia DeMonte
Edward & Sarah DeMott       
Patricia Destefano        
Amalia Donvito        
Gilbert Fagiani
Doris Felix       
Faith Felix      
Kathleen Femiani
Ralph and Kathleen Femiani
Theresa Fierro       
Patrick Foti        
Barbara Gerard        
Elvira Gibaldi
Maria Gillan       
Daniela Gioseffi        
Virginia Giovinco
Jeanine Napoleon Goldman
Joan Goldstein       
Catherine Greco*       
Audrey Green  
Angela Greenman
Alfred Grillo        
George Guida        
Joanna Herman
William & Joanna Herman
Lisa Kiel (In Loving Memory of Mr. Frank Roca)    
Mary Knobel        
Jerry Krase
Jeanne Kruithoff       
Bettina Langman
Maria LaRusso
Francine Laura
Marie LoGuercio        
LuLu LoLo        
Anne Marie Macari        
Lili Maglione
Miss Margaret Maiorella       
Patrick Malizia
Patricia Martone       
Melinda Matilin
Kathryn McGrath-Oliver       
Gerogianna McGuire
Audrey McKendall       
Dr. & Mrs. Megna
Maria Meli       
Judith Milone
Florence Muller        
Rose Occhino
Robert Oppedisano
Rina Pedretti
Hon. Michael Pesce      
Anna Pipolo        
Claire Pipolo        
Lawrence Pitilli        
Emil Polak        
Theresa & Peter Polito        
Frank Rocco        
Neil Rodia
William Russo       
Joseph Salerno        
Joseph Sciame        
Tina Segali
Santina Spadaro        
Frank Squiccimarro        
Norwalk CT St. Ann Club        
Judy Tassone        
Maria Terrone
Ms. Constance Testa        
Josephine Vella        
Mailyn Verna
Mr. Angelo Vigorito  
Frances Zino


The Marianne DiPalermo McCauley
Visiting Scholar Fellowship

George Bouzounis
Paul Brunhuber
Rosaria DeLuca
Ms. Marie Coppola
Mr. & Mrs. Chester K. Freeman, Sr.
David Gage
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Ladis
Linda Melick
Peter & Anne Modroukas
Mr. & Mrs. Dean Modroukas
Cynthia Quam
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Quann
Maria Raffaele