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The Calandra Institute’s nonlending research library contains books, journals, magazines, and newspapers pertaining to Italian-American and Italian history and culture, including unique collections on economics, literature, and politics. The library is open to scholars and qualified students.


In addition to the more than 1,000 volumes of Institute holdings, the library has acquired three significant collections:

• The Saraceno Collection focuses on Italian history and administration, including an extensive series of reference works, rare volumes, periodicals, and journals from as early as the eighteenth century. Among the many unique items are hundreds of volumes of the Leggi e Decreti (laws and decrees) from the Kingdom of Italy to the Italian Republic up to 1959. This 13,500-volume collection is a gift from the private library of the late Pietro Saraceno, Professor of Administrative History at the University of Rome.

• The Cammett Collection contains the complete works of Antonio Gramsci and other major studies on Italian communism and anti-fascism. This 5,500-volume collection is a gift from the private library of the late John Cammett, Chair of the Department of History, and Provost, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY.

• The Cannistraro Collection has a particular focus on Italian fascism. This 2,000-volume collection is a gift from the private library of the late Philip Cannistraro, Distinguished Professor of History and Italian American Studies, Queens College, CUNY.

These collections are accessible via the search engine on this page. The Saraceno and Cannistraro collections are searchable by title or author, while the Cammett collection is currently searchable by title only.

The library also holds the following journals:

AltreItalie (1989­–2011)
Arba Sicula (1983–2009)
Canadian Journal of Italian Studies (1978–1998)
Differentia (1994–1999)
Explorations in Ethnic Studies (1985–1990)
Forum Italicum (1986–2011)
International Migration Review (1985–1986)
The Italianist (1985–1985)
Italian American Review (1992–present)
Italian Journal (1991–1993)
Italian Quarterly (1980–2006)
Journal of Italian History (1978)
Melus (1986–present)
Il Progresso (near-complete set, available on microfilm only)
RLA: Romance Language Annual (Volume 1–X)
VIA: Voices in Italian Americana (1990–present)

The Calandra Institute library is open to the public by appointment only, Monday through Friday, 10 a.m.–4 p.m. To schedule an appointment, call the Institute at 212-642-2094.