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   Jennifer Oates (Associate Professor)

Fields of Study:
Musicology and Librarianship

Degrees and Studies:
Ph.D., Florida State University

Biographical Information:
Jennifer Oates is a musicologist specializing in nineteenth- and twentieth-century British music and women and music. Her book, Hamish MacCunn (1868-1916): A Musical Life, is a study of the Scottish composer's life and works within the broader context of the British music scene of the nineteenth- and twentieth-centuries, while her scholarly edition of MacCunn's three overtures in the Recent Researches of Music in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries series provides the first scholarly edition of MacCunn's music. In addition to presenting papers at national and international conferences, she has published articles in The Sea and the British Musical Imagination (a collection of essays forthcoming in 2015), Europe, Empire and Spectacle in Nineteenth-Century British MusicStudies in Musical TheatreCollege Music Symposium; The Opera Journal; and Music Reference Services Quarterly.

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