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   David Gagné (Professor Emeritus)

Fields of Study:

Degrees and Studies:
Ph.D., City University of New York

Biographical Information:
David Gagné is the co-author of Analysis of Tonal Music: A Schenkerian Approach (Oxford University Press, 1998), and the co-editor of Structure and Meaning in Tonal Music: Festschrift in Honor of Carl Schachter (Pendragon Press, 2006). His articles and reviews have appeared in journals and books including The Music Forum, Music Theory Spectrum, Indiana Theory Review, Intégral, Schenker Studies 2, Trends in Schenkerian Research, and Selected Essays from the Third Schenker Symposium. He is the former president of the Music Theory Society of New York State (MTSNYS), and has taught at the Mannes College of Music, New York University, and Columbia University.

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