The saxophone quartet has become the seminal chamber ensemble for the saxophonist, and has established itself as an active and vibrant part of music making in the 21st century. Comprised of soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones, the Queens College Saxophone quartet is dedicated to the performance of the full spectrum of original works from the 19th through 21st centuries, including classics of the repertory, new music, and faculty and student works. It has scheduled performances in fall and spring semesters. The ensemble is directed by Paul Cohen.

The saxophone ensemble is a conducted group of 8-14 saxophones ranging from  sopranino to bass. A vast range of music is played, including transcriptions and original works spanning traditional to contemporary styles.  Students have the opportunity to play different size saxophones as well as performing conducted music without part doubling.  The ensemble performs each semester and is conducted by Paul Cohen.

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