LASAR Requirements

Bachelor of Arts

All students who entered Queens College in September of 1981 or later as candidates for a baccalaureate degree must complete courses in seven areas as listed on pages 45-47 of the 1999 Bulletin.

  • Humanities I - two courses (minimum of 6 credits) in the area of literature and literary criticism;
  • Humanities II - one course (minimum 3 credits) which stresses appreciation and/or participation in the areas of art, music and/or theater (music majors may not fill this requirement with a music course);
  • Humanities III - one course (minimum 3 credits) involving the study of language, culture, and/or aesthetics;
  • Physical and Biological Sciences: two courses (minimum 7 credits), one with a participatory laboratory component, stressing the scientific method;
  • Scientific Methodology and Quantitative Reasoning: one course (minimum 3 credits) in college-level mathematics, computer science, data analysis, statistics, scientific methodology, or logic;
  • Social Sciences: two courses (minimum 6 credits) from different departments, dealing with historical change, the economy, government, decision-making, community structure, and organization (one of these must be a course in Western history);
  • Pre-Industrial/Non-Western Civilization: one course (minimum 3 credits) devoted to the study of Pre-Industrial and/or Non-Western Civilization. A course used to fulfill one of the six other areas listed above, or the foreign language requirement, may also satisfy this requirement (Music 246 fills this requirement for music majors).

Bachelor of Music

  • One Course (3 credits) from Humanities I;
  • One Course (3 credits) from Humanities II, from courses in Art or Drama, Theater and Dance.
  • One course (3 credits) in the history of Western Civilization from the Middle Ages to the present. Any of the following are acceptable: History 1, 2, 100-104, 211-218, 220, 225, 234-236, 301-302.
  • One course (3 credits) selected from the list of courses in Humanities I, or the list of courses in the social sciences, or the list of courses in Natural Sciences/Mathematics (see current Undergraduate Bulletin or the Summary of Academic Requirement sheet available in the Music Office).
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