Music Scholarships

The Aaron Copland School of Music awards the proceeds of the following endowed Scholarship Funds to graduate and undergraduate music students:

the AWA Graduate Scholarship in performance, gift of an anonymous music alumnus

the Albert Burnett Memorial Scholarship in musicology or theory

the John Castellini Scholarship for students demonstrating excellence and commitment in music studies

the Edward Downes Scholarship in opera or musicology

the Michael Feinstein Scholarship

the Marvin Hamlisch Scholarship

the Maurice Kagan Memorial Scholarship in an orchestral instrument

the Cantor Sam Katz Scholarship in precantorial or Jewish studies

the Saul Novack Scholarship in theory

the Laurence Rosenfeld Scholarship, gift of his family in honor of Mr. Rosenfeld

the Boris Schwarz Scholarship in strings

the George and Violet Zatkin Scholarship in opera performance

the Pastore Cello Scholarship

the Artzt Piano Scholarship

the Carl Schachter Scholarship

the P.I. Tschaikovsky scholarship of two years' support for an undergraduate student.

the Lawrence Eisman scholarship in Music Education

In addition, since 1982 the Copland School has been the recipient of a generous scholarship each year from the Presser Foundation for a music major's senior year (the Presser Scholarship).

For several years the Eddie Barnes Memorial Music Scholarship Foundation has awarded a generous scholarship for a graduate jazz performer, as selected and recommended by the jazz faculty. The foundation will continue this award.

Students who wish to be considered for scholarship aid should have applied for any federal and state aid for which they may be eligible. They should furnish a copy of their financial aid forms to the music office for the scholarship committee, together with a letter setting forth their circumstances and reasons for requesting aid. Some scholarships are restricted to certain majors most are awarded on the basis of both talent and need.

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