Students can complete the major in Psychology during our Day Session, our Evening Session, or our Weekend Session. Students can also take courses from a combination of these sessions.

Psychology 101 Research Requirement
Declaration of the Psychology Major
Course Requirements for the Psychology Major
Pre-Registration for Psychology Majors
Strongly Recommended Courses in other Departments
LASAR Requirements and Psychology

Declaration of Major

Where to go: Registrar's Office on first floor of Jefferson
What to get: Declaration of Major Form, which must be signed by a departmental representative in SB E318 and returned to the Registrar's Office.

Course Requirements for the Major

Your major must include a minimum of 36 credits (35 if you declared the major before September 2005), at least half of which must be taken at Queens College.

Required courses for the Major Include:

Psychology 101: Introduction to Psychology
No prerequisites.
A certified score of 4 or 5 on the Advanced Placement Test in Psychology is necessary to receive three (3) credits of Psychology 101.
A certified score of 55 on the CLEP Test in Psychology is necessary to receive three (3) credits of Psychology 101. This score and test must have been attained prior to enrollment at Queens College.

Psychology 107: Statistical Methods
Co-requisite: Psychology 101.
To be eligible for this course, the student must: take Math Placement test or show satisfactory completion of the following: Math 6, 100, 101, or 111.

Psychology 213W: Experimental Psychology
Must be taken at Queens College
Prerequisites: Psychology 101, Psychology 107.

Psychology 311-321: Advanced Experimental Research Courses
Must be taken at Queens College
Prerequisites: Psychology 101, Psychology 107, Psychology 213W, and some classes require additional prerequisites. Click on the class link below to find out additional information about the class.

At least one of these courses must be selected in accordance with student interest:
Psychology 311 : Learning
Psychology 312 : Sensation and Perception
Psychology 313 : Cognition
Psychology 314 : Social-Personality
Psychology 316: Neurobiology
Psychology 317 : Behavior Modification
Psychology 318 : Developmental Psychology
Psychology 319 : Memory
Psychology 320 : Advanced Experimental and Research Psychology: Selected Topics
Psychology 321 : Clinical

Students are required to complete Elective Courses in Psychology (Minimum of 14 credits) from: 214, 215, 216, 217, 221, 226, 231, 232, 238, 243, 248, 251, 281 or 282, 260, 325/6, 327, 355, 356, 371, 372, 391 or 392. Elective Courses in Psychology *Can also include additional 300 level courses.

Requirement for Advanced Courses:
Students who matriculated in Fall 2009 or later are also required to take two courses from the following to complete the major: 323, 327, 334, 341, 345, 346, 347, 349, 352, 353, 354, 357, 358, 359, 360, 361, 362.

Information about Elective Courses:
· 300 level courses are advanced courses with various prerequisites in addition to Psychology 101
· Advanced classes provide some depth of knowledge in the different areas of psychology
· 300 level courses tend to be smaller. These classes are conducive to better faculty-student interaction which will help in attaining more meaningful letters of recommendation

Pre-Registration for Psychology Majors

Q:Who can pre-register for psychology classes?
A: Preregistration is only for matriculated psychology majors in attendance during the present semester.

Q: What is the purpose of preregistration?
A: The purpose of preregistration is to eliminate the need for over-tallies by allowing psychology majors to register into psychology courses before other students.

Q: How can I preregister?
Check the psychology webpage frequently for registration dates. Then, log onto https://home.cunyfirst.cuny.edu/ using your CUNYFirst account.

Q: Am I a day student or evening student?
A: You cannot be both. It depends on when you have taken classes. Your status is determined by the Registrar based on the number of credits taken as day or evening in the previous semester. To change your status for the current semester, contact the Registrar's Office.

If you do not pay your bill by the Bursar's deadline, you will be dropped from your pre-registered courses.
The Psychology Department will not re-enroll you into those courses even after you settle your account. It is your responsibility to make sure that there are no holds on your record prior to preregistration.

Strongly Recommended Courses in other Departments

Among the LASAR electives needed for graduation, the following courses from other departments should be included, if possible:

  • A minimum of one semester of college-level Mathematics, preferably Math 101 or its equivalent
  • A minimum of one year of Natural Science, of which one semester should be Biology 107 or 108 (NOT Biology 11)
  • A minimum of one year of Social Science, of which one semester should be either Sociology or Anthropology
  • A minimum of one semester of Philosophy

Since writing skills are so valuable, majors are strongly advised to take advantage of the Writing Skills Workshop offered free of charge by Queens College in Kiely Hall Room 232.

It is also recommended that students intending to do graduate work in Psychology take courses that will lead to a reading knowledge of a foreign language. Programs with a language requirements find French, German, or Russian acceptable.

LASAR Requirements and Psychology

Psychology majors are encouraged to sample broadly in fulfilling the Liberal Arts and Sciences area requirements (LASAR). They should also be aware that some Psychology courses can be applied to their requirements.

Be sure to check the Queens College Bulletin for an up-to-date listing of courses satisfying LASAR requirements.

Physical and Biological Sciences area requirement (either two courses from Group A or one from Group A and one from Group B):

* Group A - Psych. 213 (4 credits)
* Group B - Psych. 101 (4 credits)

If you intend to major in Psychology, at least one of the two courses used to complete the Physical and Biological science requirement must be in a department other than Psychology.

Scientific Methodology and Quantitative Reasoning area requirement:

* Psychology 107

Social Science area requirement:

* Psychology 348 fulfills 3 credits of the 6 credit requirement

Writing Intensives:

* Psychology 213W fulfills one of the writing intensive requirements

For students entering the college as freshmen or transfer students as of the Fall 2009 semester please see updated LASAR Requirements.

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