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WHO WE ARE. New Labor Forum is owned and edited by the Queens College Labor Resource Center, City University of New York, and published three times a year by the Taylor and Francis Group. The first issue of New Labor Forum was distributed in Fall 1997. With the journal, we provide a place for labor and its allies to test new ideas and debate old ones. Issues we explore include, but are not limited to: the global economy’s impact on work and labor; new union organizing and political strategies; labor’s new constituencies and their relationship to organized labor’s traditional institutions; internal union reform and new structural models for the labor movement; alternative economic and social policies; and the role of culture in a new, revitalized labor movement.

New Labor Forum began in 1997 at a time of hope and a growing sense of revival after labor’s decades-long decline. The times have grown more perilous since then. Labor faces enormous, perhaps life and death, organizational and political challenges both at home and abroad. All the more reason for a journal dedicated to probing the strategic and practical conundrums that must be resolved if those inspiring promises of just yesterday are to stand much chance of being kept. Movement-building today takes place in a context that is radically different from that of labor’s pioneer days. The current challenges are not just those posed by unionism’s traditional enemies. Now they include challenges posed by an economy, society and a culture which are all undergoing rapid transformation.

WHO READS US. Our core constituency consists of leaders and activists in organized labor, as well as intellectuals, academics and community-based activists whose work is linked to the causes championed by, and of interest to, organized labor. Our readers’ broad areas of interest cover the entire range of the humanities and social sciences. We have a subscription base of 2,000 readers.


WHAT WE ASK OF AUTHORS. We seek concise, informed, well-argued articles. Contributors should avoid jargon, assumptions, technical language, “academese,” and rhetoric. Spell out full titles and put acronyms in parentheses at their first use, including commonly used union acronyms. We are looking for what is sometimes referred to as “high impact writing”: writing that is credible, sharp, persuasive, and to the point. Articles should start with a clear and pointed argument. We ask authors to avoid familiar rhetoric, instead making provocative arguments or providing new, concrete information. For book reviews, we ask authors to go beyond summarizing the book to engage with the contents of the book in question. We also ask that all references and notes be incorporated, to the extent possible, into the main text of the article. Where endnotes are necessary, please refer to The Chicago Manual of Style, 14th Edition.

We exclusively publish work that has not been previously published, and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere, with the exception of specific arrangements made by the author with our editors. When submitting manuscripts, please either e-mail the document as an attachment or send a labeled disk. (We prefer submissions in Microsoft Word format for IBM.)

EDITING PROCESS. We utilize a multi-tiered editing process. One of our editors will read each article and return comments to the author. Sometimes we will seek a second or third round of revisions. We will send every article to our publisher, who will copyedit, proofread, and make changes for consistency. The publisher will send authors the proofs of their article for review. The publisher will incorporate these changes and perform a final proofread to ensure that the article is ready for publication.

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