Aaron Copland School of Music Faculty

   Cathy Callis (Adjunct Assistant Professor)

Fields of Study:
Piano, Music Appreciation

Degrees and Studies:
D.M.A., Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester

Biographical Information:
Cathy Callis believes that musical experience is an extension of life. By means of music and metaphor, her residencies enliven and deepen the ways we communicate, relate and contribute to our sense of well-being and creative renewal. Residencies are designed to complement the philosophical goals of the host site. Collaborative and interdisciplinary linking of themes through music is central to our time together. A variety of musical styles are brought to the residency. As a pianist, she incorporates her experiences as soloist, orchestral musician and performance coach. She has a strong commitment to programs that shape our creativity and enhance our understanding and love for music. In addition to serving on the faculty at Queens College, she also conducts workshops and performs in the United States and abroad. She has designed residencies and offered innovative programming for concert audiences, colleges, health care facilities, communities, corporations and schools.

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