Musical Activities and Performance Opportunities

The musical life of the College goes beyond the classroom. The School of Music stresses the importance of concert attendance and participation in performing groups. A concert calendar is published at the beginning of each semester and is available in the music office.

Concerts and recitals take place during the free hours (Monday and Wednesday at 12:15) during the school year) and during the School of Music free hour (Thursday at 12:15). Please see Concert Calendar for further information. Faculty or guest artist recitals and College ensembles are usually scheduled for the College free hours and student recitals for the Thursday and Friday times. The Queens College Orchestra plays several concerts a semester; other performing groups present one or two public concerts each semester. The Queens College Choral Society (a college-community chorus) presents an evening concert in Colden Center each semester, and there are other occasional evening concerts on occasion.

In addition to participating in ensemble concerts, qualified students who wish to perform may have the opportunity to do so on one of the concerts arranged through the Music Students Association. Both Bachelor of Music students and performance majors in the Master of Arts program present graduation recitals as a requirement of their degrees, and undergraduate performance majors preparing for these recitals are particularly urged to play all or part of their recital programs ahead of time on these less formal programs. Other qualified performers and informal groups may be scheduled to perform, subject to the availability of time and performance space. Further information about student recitals can be found in the section on the Concert Calendar.

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